Tim Holtz 12 tags of 2012 – August

I am so proud of myself.  I am getting caught up to Tim’s posts.  I have my August tag and photos ready before the end of the month!  Woo hoo!  Well, it probably helps that our swap for this month isn’t scheduled until the week before Labor Day.  If it were scheduled in the middle of the month like it has been, I guess I would be posting about my swap project instead.  Ha, ha, ha.

Anyway, I am so happy to share my take on Tim’s prompt for the month (see Tim’s post here).  Tim’s inspiration was the little shop at Disneyland where those amazing ladies sit and cut out silhouettes with tiny little scissors.  This really resonated with me because we had those done when we were kids and I had them done for my kids (note the background on the first photo).  I am just in awe of those ladies and their dexterity.

To start off, I am a huge fan of dipping my tags in walnut ink, so I did that first to distress the manila cardstock.  I have a plastic container in my supply stash that always has some walnut ink in it ready for this type of thing.  When I dip the tags, I lay them on waxed paper to dry.  Mid-way through the drying process, I flip the tags.  This yields some cool effects because there are often little drops of walnut ink on the waxed paper.  The front side of the tag is usually pretty dry and so when I flip the tag over, I mush it around in the dots of ink to pick up the ink and add a layer of splotches and spots.  If the paper is too damp still, the ink will just soak in an bleed in with the rest of the ink.  So the dryness factor is really important for this step.

From there, I needed to add the embossed texture.  I didn’t have Tim’s Book Cover Texture Fade embossing folder, but I did have this cool damask embossing folder from The Paper Studio.  So, I used that and before I put the paper through, I stamped on the inside of the embossing folder with one of Tim’s Reflections stamps so that there would be text in only the recessed areas of the embossed design.  Love that technique.  Tim featured it in his April post.  From there, I smudged some turquoise acrylic paint on the raised areas of the design using my finger.  This part doesn’t have to be perfect.  I just touched here and there to make the raised areas stand out and I got this awesome distressed look.  Then, I distressed the edges of the tag with Vintage Photo Distressing Ink and spritzed the whole thing with Perfect Pearls spray ink in Heirloom Gold.  I really love the way it turned out.

I knew that since I didn’t have the book cover embossing folder, that I would have to do something different with the focal point of the tag.  Just to explain, the book cover embossing folder has this clear area in the middle where the paper isn’t embossed.  So, Tim’s design allowed him to stamp his silhouette image and frame right onto the tag and the embossing was applied everywhere else.  I have a frame stamp set from Glitz Designs that I thought would work perfectly and I also happened to have some chipboard cameos from Maya Road in my stash.  These supplies pretty much dictate the fact that this focal point is going to be more 3-dimensional.  I stamped the frame on a scrap of manila cardstock using Versafine ink in Black Onyx.  I applied Black Soot Distressed Embossing Powder and heated it with my heat gun.  The Distressed Embossing Powder yields texture without the shine.  Once I was done with that, I carefully cut out the frame and distressed the edges with Vintage Photo Distressing Ink.  I also added some adhesive pearls to the frame – it just felt right.

The Maya Road cameos come in two pieces; the background and the figure.  There were several sizes to choose from and as luck would have it, there was one of each that fit the frame I had just perfectly.  I painted the background with some cream-colored acrylic paint and lightly distressed the edges with Vintage Photo Distressing Ink.  I painted the figure with some black metallic acrylic paint.  This gave a cool sheen to the silhouette that was different from the texture of the frame.  Once all of the painting was done, I glued the figure on top of the cream background and then glued that into the center of the frame.  I wanted this entire element to stand out, so I adhered it to the tag using foam tape.

Next, Tim had made this great floral accent using a couple of his Sizzix dies.  Again, I didn’t have these and so I improvised.  I made the flowers by cutting book paper into a circle and then cutting the circle into a spiral.  My sister, Laura,  taught me how to make these and I find them very addictive and easy to make.  The technique is really similar to the one Tim included in his August post where you just coil up the spiral and then secure the end with glue or a glue dot.  Tim used cardstock and then used a toothpick to roll up the paper.  Since the book paper is so much thinner, it is easier to manage.  I don’t use a toothpick to roll these.  Once I got them rolled up, I colored them with my spray inks.  I used Smooch and Tattered Angels spray inks.  I find that the Smooch inks are really intense, so it is better to mist the paper with water first to get a softer effect.  I also wait until the paper is damp to shape the “petals”.  The paper is more forgiving when it is wet, but still fragile.  So manipulate it gently.

For the leaves, I used Tim’s technique.  I didn’t have the die to cut out the leaf shapes, so I cut mine free hand.  No need to be perfect – it adds character.  I also didn’t have the cool C’oredinations cardstock that shows a second color when you sand it (such an amazing product!).  So, I used my standard cardstock.  I still folded the leaves in half and sanded them to make the “vein” down the center.  To create the highlight, I dry brushed some light green paint on the “vein” and then accented with some (you guessed it) Vintage Photo Distressing Ink.  I arranged and re-arranged the flowers and leaves until I got a configuration that I liked and then I glued them all down with craft glue.

When I had all of this done, it was time to add the sentiment.  Tim used “timeless memories”, but that didn’t work for me.  I wanted to do something unique to me and the word that kept coming to my mind was “cherish”.  I thought it would be cool to have something with a fancy script font and so I pondered that for a while … and dug through my supplies … and pondered some more.  I had to walk away for a little bit.  Wouldn’t you know it, a little while later, it hit me that I had Tim’s Tattered Banners die and I hadn’t had the chance to try it out yet!  I dug through my cardstock scraps and found the perfect yellow to complement my flowers and I found the perfect 7 Gypsies rub-on in my massive rub-on stash.  I love it when things come together magically.  Naturally, I had to distress the edges of the banner with … (say it with me) … Vintage Photo Distressing Ink.

I finished off the top with a little Recollections adhesive rhinestone circle around the hole and tied some black seam binding through the hole in a simple bow.  That seemed to fit the whole theme.  BAM! Done.  I am really enjoying this project and following along with Tim.  His prompts give me the chance to try out a technique or, better yet, come up with a work around if I don’t have the same supplies.  I really like the process of re-engineering the design to fit in with what I have and what I am feeling at the time.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.  Have a great week.  Thanks for stopping by.


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